Exercise or Torture?

What is it with me and exercise? Why do I hate it so much? Just the thought of putting on one of those cute spandex outfits and lifting weights or doing jumping jacks makes my whole body hurt. I am a firm believer that all things exercise are forms of torture. I look through magazines and fitness blogs and dream about one day looking like that… ya, not gonna happen! So how do I incorporate my dreams of being fit into working out in a way that I will enjoy?

After having two beautiful babies, my body no longer looks the way it did in high school, unfortunately. I would kill to be able to go back, just to let myself know that I should appreciate the way that I was looking then. Since I can’t go back, I can merely look at pictures and wish I looked the way I did. I have been doing a work out video, but have noticed my interest in doing it is waning. I lost a bit of weight doing it, but am still not where I want to be.

It’s not as though I need to look like I could bench press my husband. I don’t want to be muscular. I just want to look like I play beach volleyball on my spare time. I don’t think that’s too much to ask… haha. I talked to my husband and a friend about starting a running routine. They gave me some great tips and advice and made me want to take off down the street immediately on a dead run. Yet, here I sit on my couch, typing. Granted, right this minute wouldn’t work for going for a run. But isn’t that point. Is there ever a good time to work yourself into a sweat, making yourself wish you were dead?

The other MAJOR issue is that if you really want to look good, you have to give up all those sweet and delicious things that are destined to kill you in the long run (sorry about the bad pun). Why does bad stuff have to taste so good??? I am a big time foodie, and I don’t mean it in the way that some of you may think or in the way that it was most likely intended. I do not take hours to prepare food dishes that are both savoury and fulfill all our dietary and nutritional needs. I am a foodie in that I want to eat…all the time. If I could live off breads, pastas, and sweets, I would. I blame my mother for this intense love of all things carbohydrates and sugar. She passed on this lovely passion. But to achieve the fit body of my dreams, I have been told that I need to get rid of these things from my daily diet and supplement them with protein, fruit, and veggies. This is a very difficult undertaking for me.

I read all of these people’s meals that they so kindly post on Facebook, and think, “Why don’t I like these meals? Why can’t I include soy meal and legumes into my meal plans and enjoy it?” So I continue to cook my meals of potatoes, spaghetti, and tuna tantalizers, while dreaming of the transition to healthier things, that may or may not ever take place.

Long story short, if you see me run past your house with sweat pouring down my extremely red face, you are witnessing a miracle.



  1. There are so many things I need to say in response to this!
    1. Don’t wish you looked like you did in highschool…that was your body before your kiddos!
    2. Soy meal….really?! Who really WANTS to eat soy meal!?
    3. “I just want to look like I play beach volleyball on my spare time. I don’t think that’s too much to ask.” Isn’t this the dream 🙂 Not too much to ask at all!
    4. You’re beautiful. Your hubby loves you! You’re a great Mom! These are the things that matter.

    P.S. I enjoy your witty blog. Keep writing 🙂

  2. Emily

    I used to dislike exercise and now I go to the gym 5 days a week. Try taking a group class – the energy of everyone around you is contagious and you are more likely to go because they’re scheduled. Bodypump is a great class for muscle and Bodyflow is really relaxing mix of yoga and pilates if you go to Goodlife.

    I totally understand the diet thing – to be back in high school and eat muffins for breakfast and fries for lunch 😛

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